Event overview

Citizens placed 30,000 lanterns at Kokura Castle

Date Time

Held for 7 days: October 27th (Friday), 28th (Sat), 29th (Sunday), November 2nd (Thursday), 3rd (Friday), 4th (Sat), 5th (Sunday), October 2020 )


Kokura Castle, Toranomon and surrounding areas


Lights on at 17:30 (let’s all light the fire with Chuka Man) Lights off at 21:00
*The castle gate closes at 21:00, so you can only enter the castle until 20:30. (Everyone leaves the castle at 21:00)


Some fees apply. Kokura Castle Tower Plaza entrance fee: 500 yen (Environmental Cooperation Subsidy/Junior High School Students and above)
Ticket sales hours: 15:00-20:40 Last entrance to the castle is 20:30.
(*Available for purchase at various convenience stores, Ticket Bia, LAWSON TICKETS, Tsujiri Chapo Uomachishop&kyomachishop, KKday, and Otemon entrance ticket booth on the day)

*Purchase at a convenience store ticket sales terminal.
*Last year’s rain ticket can be kept. There is no date limit, so please come on the date of your choice.
※Discounts for the disabled, etc. are not eligible. Thank you for your understanding. .

Ticketpia pre-registration

Purchase at Ticket Pia WEB or 7-Eleven Famima

Lawson Ticket Pre-registration

Purchase Lawson Ticket WEB / Apply in advance at Lawson Terminal (Loppy)

KKday pre-registration

Pre-register with KKday (PayPay and credit card payment available)

Same-day ticket

If you wish to purchase a same-day ticket at the box office inside the concert hall, please purchase through KKday as the line may be long.

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Prohibited items
●The use of tripods for photography is prohibited throughout the event venue.
(excluding media with prior permission)
●Pets are not allowed in the castle tower plaza.

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Kokura Castle Bamboo Lighting Executive Committee


Kitakyushu City


Contact Us

Kokura Castle Bamboo Lighting Executive Committee
3-3-20 Uomachi, Kokuragita Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
TEL 070-8376-7103 FAX 093-236-2995 Contact person: Izaki (Public Relations Subcommittee / BASEMENT Kitakyushu)
Please send an email to info@kokurajotakeakari.com.