Exit Strategy

We don’t want to throw cut bamboos into an incinerator. We reuse them in an event. That is what we are to create.
We are planning to convert bamboo proliferation into bamboo commodities and assets, and then we will use the assets for trimming bamboo forests.

●Sanki Trust Corporation http://www.snkt.jp/

Bamboo powder is effectively utilized for soil improvement to grow healthier vegetables.
Bamboo contains rich in plant-derived lactic acid. Fermentation in a form of bamboo powder can bring out its full effect.


●Wakamatsu Yoridokoro http://nagomian.sakura.ne.jp/

Soyoko Nishijima
Iwaya Wakamatsu-ku Kitakyushu-shi Fukuoka-ken
(On a National Route near Senjoujiki in Wakamatsu Kitakaigan)
Open for Contact (10:00~17:00)093-741-1377(Telephone Number for Answering machine)

We specialize in Environment, Welfare, Food Safety and Childcare Support.
We are located on National Route near Senjoujiki in Iwaya Wakamatsu. Established on April in 2002.
Our participation is in a part of recycling process that converts used bamboo lanterns into bamboo charcoals. We have an open space for volunteers. It is open all year round. Contact us for an appointment. You are welcome to visit. Please make sure to contact us first to make an appointment before a visit. We cannot accept any sudden visits on any time.

We have made a step forward to a recycling way of living by creating bamboo powder and charcoals from the used bamboos.

If you are willing to receive any used Bamboo lanterns, please fill out this form below.

    切灯籠○○本希望します。/I want 20 bamboo lanterns.
    11月5日××時から××時に誰だれが取りにきます。/On November 5th, Paul will be there for picking up around 6pm.
    連絡電話090××××〜/Phone number for contact is 090××××.
    引き取り責任者:Name of a person in charge:Paul ××××