25.000 lanterns installed
at Kokura Castle by Power of the People

From Bamboo Proliferation to Bamboo Commodity Asset

our Destination:City you would love to visit from a distance.
[Kitakyushu city] Toward the Tourism with Accommodation Plan

Effort toward Sustainable Society
Expand Movements of SDGs

In November of last year, our very first KOKURA CASTLE TAKEAKARI was held. There were 16.000 bamboo lanterns installed at Kokura Castle and the visitors enjoyed its mystical and dream-like atmosphere.
In Kitakyushu city which is certified as one of the 3 new best night views in Japan, we are looking forward to bringing up as a big event of fall and winter seasons and we are also looking forward to taking on the responsibility of revitalizing this city where people would love to travel to from a distance.

Concurrently, with the participation of a large number of civil volunteers, we will surely make this project a success with power of the people.
Furthermore, we are planning to bring up people’s awareness to the current severe situations of abandoned bamboo forests and its proliferation.
We are also planning to create an original Kitakyushu model for a sustainable society by recycling of used bamboo lanterns.

Power of the People
Creating by the People [KOKURA CASTLE TAKEAKARI] Breeding the Civic Pride

・Event is of the people, by the people and for the people.
・We are willing to bring up custom and culture of which we create our own community.
・Through the participations of children and students, we are making opportunities for them to experience real world, community services and intergenerational exchanges.
・We give volunteer participants the opportunity to experience the joy of being a part of creating the event through woodworks to make various bamboo lanterns, lighting the candles and more. And we make an effort to create interactive activities for visitors as well.We have all kinds of workshops.
・We believe this event can bring out many cultures of local corporate and craftsmanship of Kitakyushu city.

Your Destination:City you would love to visit from a distance. [Kitakyushu city]

Night View of Kokura Castle [Tourism with Accommodation Plan]

・As a city of the 3 new best night views in Japan, we promote this event as a big night festival of fall and winter in Kitakyushu.This will also promote local tourism and hotel business in Kitakyushu city. [Tourism with Accommodation Plan]
・By teaming up with shopping districts in Kokura, we promote the convenience of movement in a central city area and the prosperity as a result.
・We brand local resources such as bamboo from Ouma, Kokura.
・We team up with Kokuraminami ward (Satoyama /undeveloped woodland area) and Kokurakita ward (downtown area).

Creation of Sustainable Society SDGs [From Bamboo Proliferation to Bamboo Commodity Asset]

・We take out bamboo from the proliferated area and make bamboo lanterns with the people of the city. Then we install them at Kokura Castle as a part of revitalizing the community. After the event, we Recycle.
・Through this project, we embody the idea and action of SDGs and also we raise the recognition of it then expand its movements.
・We promote [Eco City Kitakyushu] and present it to the world with pride.